About Our School

About Us

Federal Government Girls College Bakori is a full boarding Secondary School for girls. It is located at Kilometer Five on the Funtua Bakori Road. The school was established on 18th Oct. 1974. Primarily the aims and objectives of the founders are enriched in the college Crest, viz: PROUNITATE (FORUNITY). In a very simplified manner , the broad aims and objectives of the college are expressed in the cardinal points that “ Every Child at Federal Government Girls’’ College, Bakori is enjoined to do three things as a point of duty while in school and out of school and these are : To Work hard, play hard and behave well.


However in much wider terms , the aims of the college at present can be stated as follow :


To Foster a spirit of oneness and national unity among students

To achieve the aims and objectives of Secondary Education as set out in the National Policy on Education, through the pursuit of appropriate curricula, syllabuses and teaching, aimed at preparation for useful living within the society and preparation for higher education.

To develop individual talents in games, sport, cultural activities and academic pursuit in all students.


To inculcate moral discipline and values.

And overall, to provide a teaching and learning environment for students to attain a high level of Education for excellence  both in academic pursuit and development of an all embracing personality, through adequate and qualitative staffing, sound school management practices and the provision of suitable infrastructure, facilities and resources in the college .




1.       Pro Unitate let this be our song

          Pro Unitate, sing it loud and strong

          From all parts of our country

          Yet gathered in one school

          We’re learning in Bakori

          That life has one great rule

          Pro Unitate is our all-in-all.


2.        Pro Unitate let this our prayer

           Work, games and hobbies all these things we share

           There’s unity in knowledge

           In trust and Friendship too

           And unity in efforts

           As our song we renew

           Pro Unitate, loud and clear and true.


3.        Pro Unitate, heart and hand and brain

           Working together life’s great prize we gain

           We strive for one Nigeria

           And truth in all our choice

           Declare we all together

           And sing it with one voice

          Pro Unitate, in this we rejoice